Hemp Science LLC takes the market by storm with the release of their Hemp Infused Alkaline Water- O8SIS HEMP WATER

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As the world now recognizes the benefits of Hemp, CBD & Cannabis, there was a team out of Atlanta, GA that saw the benefits long ago and decided that they would not be left out of the industry! Hemp Sciences LLC was founded in 2018 by James Williams. Their vision started with simply a dream and a vision of creating one of the first minority owned, infused water that not only tasted great, but was great for you! After teaming up with Shayde of Blue Productions and Shayla DeGraffinreed, they decided to make that vision a reality! Hemp Science partnered with an award-winning water manufacturer to infuse high quality hemp into premier alkaline water and thus O8SIS Hemp Water was born. Shayde of Blue Productions broked an opportunity with Nicole Tiovanni for O8SIS Hemp Water to be the official beverage at the legendary “Light Work” 4/20 event hosted by TaylorGang, Raw and Nicole Tiovanni & Associates in Los Angeles, CA on April 20, 2019.

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This event acted as the unofficial launch for O8SIS. The invite-only, celebrity studded crowd went crazy over the water and the Hemp Science team realized that they were on to something! O8SIS sought the assistance of 1925 Consulting and Shayde of Blue Productions to continue to expand the brand. Soon after, O8SIS had the opportunity to attend the 25th Anniversary of Essence at the Essence Festival in New Orleans with Nicole Chaplin, The Fitness Rockstar™ and was also a featured beverage at Jazzy Jeff’s Playlist Retreat. With the growing acknowledgement of the health and wellness benefits associated with Hemp and high Alkaline waters, O8SIS has been the perfect product for many. Over the last few months O8SIS has landed in over 50 retail locations on the East Coast from New York to Florida and that list continues to expand.

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What makes O8SIS Hemp Water different?

O8SIS water contains Coenzyme Q10 which is an important vitamin-like substance required for the proper function of many organs and chemical reactions in the body. It helps provide energy to cells. Our water is also Alkaline with a 8.5ph.

Does O8SIS Hemp Water contain THC?

No, O8SIS water only contains 5 mg of nano-sized hemp molecules. Our water does not contain any THC- so it does not promote the feelings associated with a “high”.

What are some of the benefits of Hemp?

Hemp has been known to help with everything from Anxiety, to Depression, to inflammation and also weight loss. More and more people are turning to Hemp for relief in a variety of ways and our water is the perfect way to consume both Hemp and Alkaline Water.

What’s next for Hemp Science LLC?

Our goal is to continue to expand and eventually become one of the first minority-owned water companies to be sold in mainstream retailers. By the end of 2020, we plan to be in over 300 retail locations. During the current Covid-19 Pandemic, we also seek to be a resource for people who want to consume high quality, infused water but don’t want to leave the comfort of their home. We ship Nationwide and will be happy to send O8SIS Water directly to your doorstep!

To learn more about O8SIS Hemp Water please visit www.DrinkO8SIS.com or visit Instagram: @DrinkO8sis.

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