Nicole Tiovanni- The Socialite and Tech Exec to Know!

Describe what you do for a living?

I’ve been described as a Professional Playmaker. People call me when they’re ready to get in the game- whether that be the Tech, Cannabis, Entertainment or Wellness game. By trade, I’m a Corporate Strategist- which means I give businesses and entrepreneurs the “play” (instructions) for success. I have a knack for taking a look at a concept or even an established business and increasing it’s value and adding viable streams of revenue. …

Meet Courtney O.C. Smith on Breaking Artists, Live Music, Deals and Scaling a Publicity Firm during the Pandemic.

Breaking Artists truly is a labor of love . It taught me to think outside of myself more. I actually care about my Artists as people first .

During the pandemic things were and still are difficult but I’m creative. I had one of my most financially successful years to date.

Young Tupac is a rap artist and performer based in Chicago, Illinois. He has been playing ever since he was a kid, starting with drums and piano at the young age of 9. Around the same time, he developed a keen interest in hip/hop and he started mastering the art of freestyle rapping.

Since then, he kept honing is craft, and eventually came up with an original sound that could be described as melodic, yet energetic and versatile. Fans of artists as diverse as Biggie Smalls, Lil Wayne and Tupac Shakur are definitely…

Find Out Why Mike Khoury Earned The Name Dedicated, A Story Of Triumph.

Mike “Dedicated” Khoury has acquired the reputation of a passionate, committed person that is always eager to do his best and give 100%. Not surprisingly, he has earned the name of “Dedicated,” due to his inspiring and outstanding personality.

Mike is the owner of Top Tier Entertainment / 201boyz LLC. In addition to that, he is also a managing partner of Madd Hatter in Hoboken, NJ. Due to his incredible work and connection, he established himself as a bonafide nightlife influencer. He works tirelessly with his trusty…

Prince Peezy and Lala Chanel slated to Headline the 2021 Tap Out Music Conference in San Diego, California

Prince Peezy & Lala Chanel are two talented recording artists based in Broward County, Florida. Prince Peezy himself is of Jamaican descent, while Lala Chanle has Bahamian origins. The two came together to make amazing music, bringing quality entertainment to the audience and creating songs that blur the lines between different genre definitions. Stylistically, Prince Peezy & Lala Chanel are very diverse. Their songs have some trap and hip-hop influences, but they also love to explore styles as diverse as R&B and…

Meet Young Shoddy, Philadelphia’s #BarbieTrap Princess with a Trapnaire Mindset.

Young Shoddy is a recording artist and entrepreneur born and raised in Philadelphia, PA. Her mother, who was given the nickname “Shoddy,” was a rapper as well. Because of this, Hip Hop culture was omnipresent in Young Shoddy home, and by the age of 8-years-old she began writing raps; recording music by age 13. As an 8th grader in 2014, Young Shoddy dropped her very first song titled “Keep Dreaming.”

Recording music for close to a decade, Young Shoddy has expertly crafted her #BarbieTrap lifestyle. …

Music Mergers the New Groundbreaking Technology providing Digital Artist Development.

Music Mergers is a platform designed to simplify the search for talent. We also give a dedicated place for musicians to connect with industry professionals without the distractions of social media. Our platform is both mobile and web friendly and works as a monthly credit subscription format.

Music Mergers was founded by Dontrell “Uncle Loops” Lendsey, a Marine Corps veteran and corporate leader along with long standing friend Brian “Excel Beats” Whittaker, a professional music producer with a very extensive background in the entertainment industry. Uncle Loops has focused on…

Pensacola, Florida Artist Yung Smilez releases City’s Official Anthem 850

Yung Smilez is an artist from Pensacola, Florida with a focus on creating punchy and innovative music, inspired by his own unique authentic life experience . Yung Smilez describes himself purely as an Artist , and is not tied to the limitation of any specific genre or influence. For this reason, Yung Smilez’s musical catalog is actually quite diverse, as he is always drawing inspiration with new perspectives.

Growing up in a musical family allowed Yung Smilez to experience a multitude of genres ranging from Gospel, R&B ballads…

Atlanta’s Own Top Notch Swave Releases New Single “Stand on it”.

Born and raised in Atlanta, GA, in a neighborhood known as “Old Fourth Ward”, TopNotch Swave. The Atlanta based rapper has not always been known as TopNotch Swave. Originally, his moniker “Swave” was given to him by his late older sister, Keshawn Belcher. Unfortunately, Keshawn lost her life due to an inapt domestic violence dispute. Grief-stricken, Swave turned to poetry to help cope with his feelings. He soon began writing lyrics channeling Keshawn, who taught him to express emotions through his gift of gab.

Over the years, Swave’s epithet…

Suzie Soprano was born Susie C Sheard in Chicago Illinois, just hours after her family had attended her great grandmother’s funeral, whom she was named “Susie” after. As it was the end of her great grandmother’s life, it was only the beginning of the life of Suzie Soprano.

Susie was raised back and forth between Saginaw and Detroit, Michigan, attending school in both cities. At age 5, Susie began writing poems and performing for her family. As her father sang and her mother wrote poetry, Susie had an inclination for music and poetry at an early age. …

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